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Grand jewelry – wearing with ease -  timelessly elegant

According to this premise, Claudia Schöldgen designs jewelry since 1991. Her statement pieces stand out from the masses and leave a lasting impression: Eye-catching, extravagant necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women who live their own style.

After some years of working in the fashion industry, Claudia Schöldgen wanted to build her own business and started designing jewelry with a certain twist. Her guiding principle until today is to never sell bulk commodity cheaply produced overseas. Instead, every single piece of her jewelry is handmade in Germany with all materials coming from Europe.

“Claudia Schöldgen”-jewelry is difficult to pigeonhole. The quality of her pieces is so outstanding that they can hardly been classified as costume jewelry. Furthermore, her jewelry is far from being flashy and pretentious – a new term was needed!

“Art-jewelry” is the label with which Claudia likes to describe her pieces. No wonder that their items can be found in art galleries as well as in individual fashion stores and at jewelers. Her pieces are made of high quality synthetic materials which can adopt a variety of different surface structures. In a complex electro coating process, the individual acrylic elements are gold- or silver-plated, depending on the model. All dyed acrylic parts are solid-colored and non-toxic.

By now, Claudia Schöldgen supplies more retailers worldwide.

Company Portrait
Company Portrait